Strawberry Twists
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We're potty training at the moment, we've tried potty prizes and sticker charts but the only incentive working in our house right now is a sweet treat. Penny loves strawberries, much like Mr PLW who would rather have a bowl of the delicious fruit on his Birthday than cake! So I've just made up these strawberry treats really quickly to avoid filling up on too much of the sweet stuff. Also great dipped in the leftover homemade "jam" which Penny is just doing right this moment or cream/ custard.
  • Puff pastry or shortcrust
  • pre-made chia jam (see recipe) or shop bought
  1. Slice the required amount of pastry into rectangles then thinly spread the jam across the surface.
  2. Roll up from the length of the pastry across and twist.
  3. Cook at 190oc for approx 20 mins or until crisp and golden
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