Mini Quiches
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I've made these for tonight to go with pasta in a cheaty pesto sauce (recipe to follow) with salad. Penny has very kindly tasted one (actually two!) and she gives it a big pointy finger up 👆👆👆
Serves: 12
  • A pack of pre rolled shortcrust pastry - if you have time to make your own you'll need around 400g
  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml double cream
  • 100ml milk
  • A handful of finely grated cheese
  • A few cherry tomatoes
  • A few sprigs of thyme or a pinch of dried thyme
  • Half a finely sliced piece of ham
  • A pinch of black pepper
  1. Cut out your pastry and put into a non stick muffin tray
  2. Mix the eggs, cream, milk, half the cheese, pepper and thyme
  3. Add the eggy mixture to your pastry cases, leaving a little room on top
  4. Sprinkle on the ham, cheese and top with a little slice of tomato
  5. Cook at 180°c for 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of your quiches.
  6. Makes around 12 muffin sized and 24 mini
  7. Once cooked, well risen and golden transfer onto a cooling rack.
  8. Freeze any leftovers (if you're lucky enough to have some!!)
Recipe by Penny Led Weaning at