Cheese Ball
Prep time
Total time
For today's #instaweanteam no cook challenge we have made a cheese ball ready for Penny's Birthday party on Sunday. These are great for gatherings and can be made far in advance. As we are having a Miffy themed party, it only seemed right to serve with cheese and tomato Miffy biscuits (will pop the recipe up later) and vegetable sticks.
Serves: 20
  • 1 x 300g tub of full fat cream cheese
  • 200g grated cheese
  • 1 finely diced red pepper
  • Finely chopped chives
  • Finely chopped parsley
  • Sesame seeds and Poppy seeds to garnish
  1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. Sprinkle the seeds on a large piece of cling film
  3. Tip the mixture on to the cling film and wrap up
  4. Shape into a ball
  5. Refrigerate until needed
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